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Going to Camotes Islands we are only 5 mins from the Danao Port

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view from the lodge
Come See Danao City

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Welcome To Danao City Cebu Philippines

Danao History,Danao City industries,Ramon Durano sport complex
Mitsumi electronics ,Sto. Tomas de Villanueva church,

What we going to do here is tell you a little bit about the city of Danao cebu Philippines , I think it would be impossible to cover everything so heres my take on what I know about Danao City ,Cebu. So stick around a while if you like to learm more about Danao City,Cebu Philippines.

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Sea Gates
To Our Catadman Lodge in Danao City
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  • Clean & Cozy
  • Private Individual Unitys
  • Private parking
  • Non smoking an smoking rooms
  • Queen size mattresses
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  • Cell Phone Load
  • We offer cold soft drinks and beers and a variety of snacks and food.
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  • Catadman Lodge in Danao City Cebu Philippines is a small and friendly place to spend a night to break your journey or just to get away from it all. We are about 1 hours drive north from Cebu City and about 5 mins from the Danao port which has daily sailings to the Camotes Islands,

    Danao City Cebu Philippines Intosan Water Park
    547285_390223154335463_100000433448983_1383045_1770785535_n Intosan Water Park Danao City
    Here is another must-visit pool water park. It is located in Danao City which is less than 2 hours travel from Cebu City. Intosan water park, or popularly known as the water park is good for family outings.

    1369-2 1152_12864453930-tpfil02aw-21057 intosan resort 167

    Danao City Cebu Philippines Port Carmen Hash House Harriers

    Contack Us

    Port Carmen Hash House Harriers
    What to Expect from a Danao Hash Jog

    Port Carmen Hash House Harriers
    A drinking club with a running problem". The chaps meet at 3 30 pm every second Sunday at a spot advertised over a phone network. Then at 4 we amble into the countryside following a paint trail for an hour plus A to A or A to B. Cold drinks await at the finish! It's not a race and members are encouraged to cooperate so nobody gets lost. Around 7 there's a semi formal "shout up" to discuss the run and any misdemeanours then the socialising continues....
    800m zipline Danao city Danao city IMG_5144 IMG_8768

    Welcome to Port Carmen Sunday Hash House Harriers. We are a group of people who run for fun every other Sunday evening somewhere around Danao, and then drink a few beers and socialise afterwards. We are a very informal group, and we welcome anyone who wants to come along - , foreigner, resident,visitor... Come along and see for yourself next Sunday. Read more about Hashing. If you are a visitor and want to make your own way to the run, read our Help For Visitors for advice about getting taxis etc.

    Danao City Cebu Philippines Mojo's Resto Bar

    Contack Us

    Mojo's Resto Bar
    Mojo's Resto Bar on the Northern outskirts of Danao City on the national highway.near the Shell Gas station

    Mojo's Resto Bar is the latest place to hang out in Danao City. The owners have aimed at the upper end of the market which is a first in our knowledge! The bar is divided into an inner raised and enclosed area and a outer shaded area. The furniture and decor is of good quality.and the staff friendly and efficient. Beers are cold and there is a fair range of dishes at what we find to be good value prices.
    800m zipline Danao city Danao city IMG_5144 IMG_8768

    Top end is a seafood carbonara at P135 and many dishes are in the P90 to 110 range including a very good calamare. Occasionally there is live music but usually DVD concerts (at a reasonable sound level on a wall mounted flat screen TV. All in all a very welcome addition to Danao's entertainment.

    Sinulog 2011, Special Prizes Best in Costume: Division of Danao City, Sabang National High School of Danao City
    DSC30305 President Benigno Aquino III, on his first Sinulog 2011
    Special Prizes Best in Costume: Division of Danao City, Sabang National High School of Danao City Sinulog 2011, Special Prizes Best in Costume: Division of Danao City, Sabang National High School of Danao City
    Thousands of tourists from all over the world visit Cebu City to witness the city?s richest festival. From street dancing to parties, discos, and foods. There is no way you will not feel the spirit and the energy with all the people gathering together dancing and singing. People from different walks of life join together every third Sunday of the month of January to celebrate Sinulog.

    CEBU CITY -- A late start stretched the parade until 9 p.m. and heavy rains soaked dancers and left puddles, but these failed to keep some 3.5 million revelers from joining Sunday?s Sinulog festivities. President Benigno Aquino III, on his first Sinulog, commended organizers and participants for the ?distinctly Cebuano? festival.
    2nd Place Winner: Division of Danao City, Sabang National High School of Danao City
    DSC30304 DSC30303 DSC30302 DSC30308 DSC30307
    . .

    The 31st Sinulog Festival is officially open! Earlier today, thousands of Cebuanos flocked to the Osmena Boulevard and the Cebu City Sports Center to welcome the opening of the country?s biggest festival. Recently, the cultural event has been commercialized as a tourist attraction and instead of traditional street-dancing from locals, Sinulog also came to mean a contest featuring contingents from various parts of the country. The Sinulog Contest is traditionally held in the Cebu City Sports Complex, where most of Cebu?s major provincial events are held.

    Danao City Cebu Philippines the jumping off point to Camotes Islands
    Camotes Island Cebu

    Click to Enlarge
    I,ve never heard of Camotes Islands until I?ve reached Cebu, and when a cab driver had suggested me to visit it. He said cebuano frequented the Island especially on weekends as it?s close to Cebu from Danao City . So, I browsed through a bit of information about the island on the net, and in one of the sites I visited referred to it as a developing island as it?s not as commercial as the others. This aroused my curiosity, as I like beaches that aren?t too busy and chaotic-unexplored..
    camotes islands this is how i got to the camotes islands Camotes Island  mar 2010 camotes island sunset camatos island
    The boat leaves the Danao pier at 6am and 11 am daily for Poro. From Poro, the boat leaves for Cebu daily at 5am and 11am. Travel time is two hours.

    The Camotes Islands have for too long been a secret kept close to the hearts of the Islanders, people who value serenity, calm and quality of life. Now, at long last, there are facilities for those wanting to share the charm but who can only call the Camotes home for a brief moment in their lives.

    List of Resorts
  • Mangodlong Resort
  • Little Island Hotel

  • Seagates T Breeze Coastal Resort ...

    NEW RESORT CEBU 2014 Rates Start At 1158.00 PHP
    Seagates T Breeze Coastal Resort

    Tanon Breeze Resort, a small piece of paradise in , Cebu, the Philippines. Luxury hotel, relaxing environment, 3 hectares of tropical garden, resort .
    1ab52AA45 1ab52AA49 1ab52AA38
    1aa42AA017 1aa41AA179 1aa41AA184
    Our Boat Cottage with one bedroom one large living room separate bathrooms an open kitchen. Cement walls with nipah roof, tiled throughout. Fan cooling. an aircon Ideal for two couples or family with children.

    Promotioms at this resort 10% oFF

    Go to Seagates T Breeze Coastal Resort
    Go to their Breakfast Menu Now

    Boat house on the water

    Danao City Bus terminal Cebu Philippines

    Danao City, Cebu, Philippines
    Click to Enlarge
    DANAO CITY, Cebu - The Danao City Government through Mayor Ramon ?Nito? Durano III has recently entered into contract with Dakay Construction and Development Corp. (DCDC) to construct Cebu?s modern city terminal. The P68 million-peso city terminal is designed to accommodate buses, jeepneys and v-hires plying northern part of Cebu Province, particularly Danao City. The bird-wing type terminal facility features a skywalk, a market and commercial spaces
    cebu13 cebu17 DSC02087 Danao City terminal HDR SUBA, DANAO CITY
    The Danao City Terminal is designed by one of the country?s and Cebu?s leading architectural firm, the Guanzon Architecture and Design (GAD) while ER&B Associates, Cebu?s top planning and research firm, is tapped as Project Consultant. ER&B Associates, as Project Consultant, is responsible in project concept/function, site planning, conduct of feasibility study and funds sourcing for the project while Guanzon Architectural and Design (GAD) takes care the architectural design and details and project management. The city terminal will be financed through a loan from the LandBank of the Philippines (LBP).

    Danao City Group of Yachters Cebu Philippines
    167225_1570344853935_1094890337_31270410_6213740_n Click to Enlarge
    Contact Group Administrator
    Danao city an point Carmen houses a small group of yachter , sure there expats living over seas they come from every wheres but Australian seems to top the list, most sailing crafts seems there most fitted to make thousand miles trips without fuel, your find boats of steel , fiberglass, wood construction., everyone to there own idea
    DSC02272 DSC02308 P8260077 DSC02202A PB030216
    Missing boat with 5 Americans found in Philippines
    Rescuers say they have found five missing Americans aboard a sailboat that went missing en route from Guam to the Philippines. All those aboard are in good health

    Diosdado Macapagal Memorial Park Complex in Danao City

    White to Move Mate in Three
    Click to Enlarge
    Diosdado Macapagal Memorial Park Complex in Danao City,The officials of Danao City yesterday,( June 29, 2010 ) honored outgoing President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in the inauguration of the newly completed park and boardwalk which was named after her late father, former president Diosdado Macapagal.
    Danao City, Cebu, Philippines insert info 2 insert info 3 insert info 4 insert info 5
    Arroyo led the cutting of ribbon and the unveiling of the P24-million park. Outgoing Danao City Mayor Ramon ?Nito? Durano III said that naming the park after the late father of Arroyo was in recognition of her big contribution to the development of the city. It was also their way of thanking the outgoing president for the numerous projects that her administration has poured into the City of Danao. . .

    Ramon Durano Memorial Sports Complex in Danao City
    2010-05-02 460
    Click to Enlarge
    Ramon Durano Memorial Sports Complex in Danao City, site of several international competitions in the past, will host the 2010 National Open for mountain bike the PhilCycling is staging later this month.
    Its all about life insert info 2 insert info 3 insert info 4 insert info 5
    The sports complex has been home to many events the Filipino Airsoft held their event there in Sept of 2009 is pretty much like every other sports facility in the country. But its claim to fame is that it is one of the venues for the 2005 SEA Games, specifically the mountain bike events. Fortunately, the Philippines won two golds there, one for the men?s downhill category and another for the women?s cross-country (Vietnam and Indonesia bagged the two other golds). .

    Learn More About Danao Cebu

    Sto. Tomas de Villanueva church,Danao City Cebu
    Sto. Tomas de Villanueva church,Danao City Cebu

    Danao City - Roman Catholic Church
    Click to Enlarge
    Sto. Tomas de Villanueva church Danao City Cebu. Since the Philippines was explored and conquered by the Spaniards there are a great deal of old churches. One of the examples is the Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Church in Danao.
    Danao Church Danao Church i am watching you 102_4021 102_4018
    This church was originally built in 1755 by Fr. Manuel de Santa Barbara and was made up of numerous materials including sugar cane and rocks from the sea. Most of the church was destroyed in 1942 during WWII, though the front of the church remained intact. The building was rebuilt in 1946, and in 1981 it went underwent a major reconstruction.

    Learn More About Danao Cebu

    Danao Port, Cebu Philippines

    Danao Port

    Click to Enlarge
    The port of Danao is an open roadstead facing east, somewhat protected from southerly winds and waves by a raised promontory occupied by the suburb of Sabang, but quite open to the north. The port facilities have recently been renovated and supplemented by a new two storey fish market built on a reclaimed block on the seafront
    Danao City Port Signage near Danao port Super Shuttle Ferry in Danao port IMG_4959 Super Shuttle Ferry schedule
    Danao port which has daily sailings to the Camotes Islands, with their resorts and white sand beaches and the city of Ormoc on Leyte Island. ,Large motor bancas (diesel powered wooden outriggers) and a roll on roll off (rusty) steel ferry connect to the Camotes islands 40km offshore and Ormoc on the neighbouring island of Leyte.

    Fish Port,Danao Cebu Philippines
    > Danao Fish Port
    Click to Enlarge
    A major project that would benefit the Danaoanons was inaugurated by no less than President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

    The president, with Cebu Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia, led the opening and blessing of the P86.4 million Macapagal-Durano Fish Port in Danao City, northern Cebu.
    Danao Fish Port Danao Fish Port Danao Fish Port Danao Fish Port Danao Fish Port
    Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia personally met the president upon her arrival at the Mactan Cebu International Airport. With the fish port, the economy of the city is expected to boost as it will serve as a drop-off point for fish catch in the Visayas for distribution in Cebu.

    Learn More About Danao Cebu Philippines

    Gaisano Danao Cebu Philippines
    gaisano danao
    Click to Enlarge
    The focus of retail activity in Danao City Cebu is the large market and the only supermarket in town ? Gaisano Mall,Danao.
    Danao, Gaisano supermarket 4mn100AB24 6mn100AB33 2mn100AB47 2mn100AB34
    There are many smaller retail and service businesses behind the mall around the newly constructed Danao bus and jeepney terminal.The focus of retail activity is the large city market and the only supermarket in town , Gaisano Mall. Many tales are told of the frustrating practices of Gaisano, but its the only option so we put up with it!. Although the staff could do with a little bit more training in customer service and finesse, the convenience that this store provides makes me forget the attitude of some staff who would rather talk with each other than attend to a customers query or pay attention to packing the customers purchases well.

    Republic Dry Dock Danao Cebu Philippines
    Click to Enlarge
    Republic Dry Dock Danao. A ship building and repair facility near the northern boundary of the Danao area off the highway.
    Monsoon Paddle Boards make one and two man boards.
    LCT Melrivic Eleven LCT Emilia Dos A machine shop in Republic Drydock Corp. A cargo ship A yacht in Republic Drydock Corp.
    The central area of the dock is devoted to overhauling large steel ships. If you follow the road on past Dry Dock you will come to the port from which sails the RORO ferry to and from Isabel on Leyte Island.

    Pedal-Cabs, Danao ,Cebu Philippines
    Danao City, Cebu, Philippines
    Click to Enlarge
    Pedal-Cabs, Danao, Cebu Philippines The true green machine and they are everywhere in Danao City, Somehow the idea just does not seem to be able to work out side of Asian countries. Traffic, in the form of hundreds of pedal and motorbike tricycles, motorbikes plus the occasional car or truck, is always heavy but rises to a chaotic peak around 5pm as thousands of students emerge from numerous educational institutions that are scattered around the centre.
    Danao City, Cebu, Philippines 102_3966 102_3981 cebu island beach christmas-7185 000017_2 tricycle Cebu Philippines
    Another traffic peak occurs on the highway when Mitsumi electronics disgorges thousands of mostly female workers.

    Sugar Mill , Danao ,Cebu Philippines
    Sugar Mill
    Click to Enlarge
    In Danao Philippines most of the flat or nearly level areas are found along the narrow coastal plains running from north to south and estimated to be 36% of the total land area.
    Sugar Mill crane 2mn100AB06 2mn100AB04 2mn100AB07
    These narrow areas extend to a width of approximately less than five kms. Inland. These flat areas are now planted with sugarcane to serve as raw materials for the sugar mills located at Dunggo-an.

    Presidential Assistant on Climate Change Elisea G. Gozun, urged sugar industry leaders to help arrest the effects of climate change by, among others, refraining from burning agricultural waste and setting fire to cane fields after harvest.

    Bamboo-Grill Danao Cebu Philippines

    Click to Enlarge
    This isn't out yet, but when it does come out I think it is going to smell like Miller Lite and BBQ. Bamboo-Grill Danao Cebu Philippines The atmosphere is nice, the food is fresh and at reasonable pricing. The waiters are friendly and swift. All in all a very agreeable experience.
    2mn100AB33 2mn100AB32 2mn100AB31 2mn100AB30 2mn100AB29
    The Best Barbecue! loved by the rich and poor alike, the young and old, the popular and the not so popular, the boisterous and the meek, the poetic and unsympathetic ? a place where people go to not for luxury but for the food and mere experience.

    Club Filipino Golf course located in Danao City

    Some 33 kilometers drive from Cebu City,Club Filipino Golf course located in Danao City, It is a lush 18-hole golf course covering 59 hectares.
    CONTACT INFORMATION: Pulangyuta, Sabang, Danao City; Tel. no. (6332) 2311676/2311666; Fax no. (6332) 231-1667; Danao office tel. no. (6332) 200-4321

    Costanera Beach Club located in Danao City

    Costanera Beach Club

    Click to Enlarge
    Like a fun day at the beach its available here in Danao City Cebu Philippines at a small price. Costanera Beach Club in Danao City of course located by the beach on the main highway is a club in name only, Unless you concert the 10 peso entrance fee as your daily membership. Still they do have cottages to rent if you brought your own food an drinks theirs is a table in your cottage that rents for 250 pesos. There is a parking lot to park your car if you have one, many people use the pedal cabs that seem to make this parking lot there home base as well.

    In the Costanera Beach Club, karaoke machines are available for rent for use in occasions such as parties.

    Coco Palms Resort,Danao City Cebu
    danao city cebu
    CoCo Palms Resort
    Click to Enlarge
    Coco Palms Resort on the main highway just befor you enter Danao City if you heading north is a new resort in 2010. Personal I have been there many times for dinner an a cool beer with my wife.

    Of course Coco palms resort is on the sea side an boost the best swimming pool an water slide ive see in the seven years of living here in the Philippines
    2mn100AB28 2mn100AB27 2mn100AB26
    Kayaks are available for your use as well theirs plenty of space if your looking to host a large party

    One of the Resort in Danao City Cebu.... with Water Park. also a nice place for reception,reunion and party party. They are located at Km 31, North Road, Sabang, Danao City
    For more information, please contact 032-512-2132 or 0-922-801-1777

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    Danao City - Roman Catholic Church Muy Bien Sunrise In Danao cebu island beach christmas-7183
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