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Wow Moalboal Cebu Travel Guide
In Moalboal most tourists stay at either Panagsama Beach (Basdiot) or White beach (Basdako). White Beach is known for its beautiful sandy beach and crystal clear water. There is plenty of accommodation near either beach, an resorts with restaurants in white beach most resorts have free wfie .

Wow Moalboal Cebu Travel Guide

Moalboal Cebu Scuba Dive



Bonita Oasis restaurant,  resort

Moalboal is Cebu islands most popular diving destination. A three-kilometer boat ride from Tongo Point diving spot leads to tiny Pescador Island.

Diving, drinking and dining (in that order) top the list of activities in the dive colony of Moalboal (hard to pronounce - try mo-all-bo-all). White Beach Cebu is known for its beautiful sandy beach and crystal clear water.

Panagsama doesn't actually have a beach, as such. Both typhoon damage and poor coastal development have led to all the sand being washed away.
"After landing at the shores of this paradise, I picked the recommended Resort from the Lonely Planet guidebook as my home for a few days. What a brillant move. I had found the perfect rustic beach bungalows. jadecebu2 Click to Enlarge


Dream scuba diving resort dream resort

Lago Di Garda Restaurant Panagsama pizza cafe

Amigos Pizza Pasta Restaurant pizza cafe

Cafe Europa Restaurant cafe

8860404165_a827415d49_o aquaholics Divers White beach

T Breeze Seagates T Breeze Coastal Resort 1ab65AB59 map of moalboal find the ATM here
mayas Mayas Native Garden Restaurant

md MD January M Terania Cebu Ph

1ab66AB49 Chili Bar Panagsama Beach

T Breeze Little Corner Restaurant Panagsama

jadecebu2 Putting her feet up showing off her well worn heels Click to Enlarge Lantaw Restaurant, Panagsama

1ab72AB55 Amigos Pizza Philippines b Czech In-Restaurant

out about Danao City French Coffie Shop

Sea Gates tanon breeze Quo Vadis Dive Resort

g gGoing to Camotes Islands we are only 5 mins from the Danao Port

Freediving Network  
Cebu.. Arista Seafood-Restaurant,

Freediving Network  


g Turtle Bay Dive Resort

Circle R Kennel Cebu 
doberman_moalboal Hk- Beach Resort White Beach

HK Cafe This is favourite 
hangout of expats living in Bantayan. Tipolo Beach Resort Panagsama

boat Last Filling Station

freedive Club Serena Resort White Beach ..

md Ravenala Beach Resort White Beach ..

. Barefoot Beach Resort White Beach


chili bar to hang out with friends for a drink or seven with awesome Pizza in a central location .

T Breeze The Blue Abyss Dive Shop Panagsama Beach

g Hale Manna, Resort White Beach

g Dolphin-House Resort-SPA-Diving

g kasai village Dive & Spa Resort

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g Asian Belgian Resort White Beach

g Neptune Diving Adventure Panagsama

g Sole E Mare Resort Panagsama

sign to moalboal sign to moalboal Cebu

chicken dealer chicken dealer in town

1aa32aa044 Sea Quest Panagsama Beach

Chili Bar Panagsama Beach Chili Bar Panagsama Beach

Chili Bar Panagsama Beach Chili Bar Panagsama Beach

1aa32aa037 Seaside Grill in town 3 k from Panagsama Beach

1aa32aa036 Meat Market in town 3 k from Panagsama Beach

1aa32aa034 Church 3 k from Panagsama Beach

1aa32aa025 Silver Ray Restaurant seafood Panagsama Beach

French Coffie Shop Restaurant French Coffie Shop Restaurant Panagsama Beach

Lantaw Restaurant, Panagsama Cebu Lantaw Restaurant, Panagsama Cebu

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Sardines Run Cebu 2013
Sardines We're used to seeing them tightly packed in tins on our supermarket shelves, But even in nature it seems that sardines stick close together. These amazing pictures show shoals of the fish packed so dense off the coast of the Philippines they block out the light of the tropical sun. While the annual gathering of vast shoals of thousands of sardines is a well-documented event in South African waters, the Philippine sardine run was unheard of three years ago.

sardines moalboal sardines moalboal sardine run

The Sardine Run 2014-in Pescador Island, Moalboal, Cebu. Three months ago, there were reports of millions of sardines mysteriously appearing along the reef of Pescador ... The marvelous sardine run of Pescador Island in Moalboal, Cebu can be admired by diving or snorkeling!

Mayas Native Garden Restaurant
Panagsama Beach Cebu Philippines The Best Food! loved by the rich and poor alike, the young and old, the popular and the not so popular, the boisterous and the meek, the poetic and unsympathetic , a place where people go to not for luxury but for the food and mere experience
Im sure the Restaurant will become a expat hang out sence there are many expats mostly British , Austrian, New Zealand , even Americas will be all ways excepted, as a group ,theres usually something going on around dark that sometimes results in some interesting disputes , its always in good fun, everything works out okay and everyone remains friendly , my only concern was that they might run out of cold beer ,but they never do.
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Airplane Wreck Dive Site Cebu...
Airplane Wreck Dive Site Cebu...

The stable superstructure of the plane resembles the same characteristics as a real coral reef. Inside the plane caverns and tunnels create protected areas, thus providing shelter for invertebrates and a multitude of marine organism. Divers can enjoy the beautiful sight and the thrill of a wreck divewhile observing the creation of a new reef from a safe distance.
Airplane Wreck Dive Site Airplane Wreck Dive Site Airplane Wreck Dive Site
The Airplane Wreck is a two-seater airplane that was made as an artificial reef in Moalboal. It is a joint project of government and non-government organizations of Cebu City in the Philippines.
airplane Wreck

At 20m Airplane Wreck Diving: There is nothing like the excitement of diving into a sunken Airplane. Wreck diving is truly one of the most exhilarating things a diver can do.
Lago Di Garda Restaurant Italian Restaurant Philippines ...

Lago Di Garda Restaurant Panagsama

We have been in Cebu 2 weeks and our meal here was truly the best by far!!! Real cheese! We're not even going to eat any other place. I've been so hungry for decent food, loosing weight like crazy. We had pizza and pasta and ice cream. Everything was excellent! Pricy for Philipines but cheap compared to Western Countries. So happy..

1aa21aa041 33ab009936 33ab009935
Learn More About Lago Di Garda Restaurant
7_Eleven Panagsama Beach Cebu...

On March 26, 2014, Philippine Seven Corp. opened in moakboal cebu the 7_Eleven Convenience Store in town center
The mission of 7_Eleven is to align with the local community and provide excellent, hassle_free customer service, and offer quality products 24/7, stressed Jose Victor Paterno, President of the convenience chain brands official licensee Philippine Seven Corporation.
7-eleven 7-eleven 7-eleven
One of the things I like about the new 7-eleven store is there are table out side so you can sit down an enjoy there hot_dogs and Chili Crania an a cheep cold beer there are many great products there as well home of Big Gulp fountain soft drinks, Big Bite hot dogs, Slurpee drinks, and other convenient, healthy and fast food items. Satisfy your snack ...
Philippines Diving Hot Spot...
Philippines Diving Hot Spot...

Its coastlines are characterized by sharply sloping drop offs, so the vast majority of dive sites in the cebu area are wall dives along the coastlines the dive spots around Pescador Island and the steep walls along the coast belong to the best in the Philippines ... House reef is a wall with coral top great for snorkelling, shore dives and night dives. 18 dive sites mostly walls. ....
dive spots around Pescador Island dive spots around Pescador Island dive spots around Pescador Island
There are always turtles around and even while snorkelling youre bound to see them i have seen four on one dive alone Warm tropical water, a colorful marine life, steep walls and a vibrant marine eco system lure scuba divers from all over the world...
Diving Hot Spot

Diving Hot Spot
Chili Bar Panagsama Beach ...
Chili Bar Panagsama Beach

Great views,I would call the pizza we ate at Chili Bar "world class" by any means, but between the great deck built over the water, the great music playlist, and the decent bar service, we enjoyed hanging out at Chili Bar a great deal. In our brief wanderings through town, we certainly didnt discover anyplace more compelling. ou need to summon the bar staff using the bell I ate here a lot when I was staying for more than 3 months. My favourite is the chili pizza, a very spicy pizza. Pizzas are also very big, so if you are not so hungry you can easily share a pizza for 2 persons. Spaghetti and pasta foods is also ok. Price is ok.
Photos of Chili Bar, Moalboal
Chili Bar Panagsama Photos of Chili Bar,
Bar hoppers having their holiday in Panagsama Beach Cebu are into a great treat of fun and pure relaxation in Chili Bar. Its a great elevated place ...
Photos of Chili 
Bar, Moalboal

Chili Bar Panagsama Beach doubles as a restaurant and a hangout place. Located in the tourist area of Chili Bar is one of the bar and restos that offers something right -Chili Bar, -Came here every night for a drink, very nice atmosphere with sea and sunset view and ..." "I ate here a lot when I was staying for more 3 months. Pool tournament at Chili bar every Wednesday.
Cafe Europa Restaurant Cebu...
Cafe Europa Restaurant
A 5 min ride from the center of the town of Moalboal Cebu you will find Cafe Europa Restaurant by the sea The Best Food! loved by the rich and poor alike, the young and old, the popular and the not so popular, the boisterous and the meek, the poetic and unsympathetic , a place where people go to not for luxury but for the food and mere experience

Cafe Europa Cafe Europa Cafe Europa

Learn more about Cafe Europa Restaurant
Cafe Europa Restaurant Cafe Europa Restaurant Cafe Europa Restaurant
star star star Seagates T Breeze Coastal Resort Accommodation in Cebu...
NEW RESORT CEBU 2014 Rates Start At 1254.00 PHP
Seagates T Breeze Coastal Resort . Book By Agoda Now

Tanon Breeze Resort, a small piece of paradise in , Cebu, the Philippines. Luxury hotel, relaxing environment, 3 hectares of tropical garden, resort .
1ab52AA45 1ab52AA49 1ab52AA38
1aa42AA017 1aa41AA179 1aa41AA184

548982_14021509570018349716_STD 548982_14021514170018350272_STD 548982_14021513430018350140_STD 1aa21aa027 548982_13121106000017873246_STD 548982_13121106000017873244_STD
Go to their Breakfast Menu Now

Our Boat House

Built as a long term rental now its can be rented by the day

Learn More About To T Breeze

Savedra Dive Center Panagsama Beach Cebu ...

Savedra Dive Center Panagsama Beach

Savedra Dive Center is a spacious and modern Dive Center for scuba diving, sharks, PADI, DSAT & TecRec dive courses, beach resort, dive safari, dive travel and just plain fun in Cebu in the Philippines.
Savedra Dive Center 1aa41AA157 Savedra Dive Center
1aa32aa086 1aa32aa085 1aa32aa084

Every day our dive boats leave at 7:30 am, 10 am and 2:30 pm. In between you can do shore dives at our deep wall in front of our dive center. Every evening a night dive can be conducted from shore. Once a week we head over to Pescador Island for night diving.

Learn more about Savedra Dive Center

Went to visit friends who were living there, and planned to do one or two dives. Instead, I went on 8 dives with savedra's great staff. Great group of people, and great experience.

Little Corner Restaurant Panagsama Beach,

Little Corner Restaurant Panagsama Beach,

Charming little Corner restaurant. Friendly people & good pastries. Especially liked the sand covered floor, the sea view ,perfect for a spot so close to the sea. This restaurant was introduced to me 3 years past by a business associate and I have now eaten there many many times. The selection of food is excellent as is the service by all the staff.I am Australian but now reside in Tacloban City and I return to this restaurant each visit to Cebu (4-5 times per year). My Filipino wife...
1aa32aa089 1aa32aa088 1aa32aa083

star star star star The Blue Orchid Resort Accommodation in White Beach Cebu ...

The Blue Orchid Resort

Top Resort

Ariel & Judit were very kind not to tease me too much for doing absolutely nothing during my 5 day stay. In fact they were both very kind full stop - sharing beers and stories. I couldn't be persuaded to dive and enjoyed the peace of the deckchair beside the sea whilst the other guests spent the day out in the water. Saying that, on my first night I was the only guest and it was a complete luxury to feel like the hotel was just for me.
honeymoon-suite-living the-blue-orchid-resortCAKL749A the-blue-orchid-resort
Im afraid that despite the simple, but clean and spacious room, the comfortable bed, the friendly staff, the massage (in a thunderstorm!), the clear water, stunning snorkelling and peace and quiet, my favourite aspect of my stay was still waking up and strolling to breakfast (rather late) each morning for banana pancakes in the morning sun. Paradise.

You can find The Blue Orchid Resort on our map to the left

Extremely friendly & accommodating staff & dive shop. They changed their dive schedule to accommodate my unscheduled one day stay which was fantastic. Idillicly positioned away from the bussle, meters away from a fantastic house reef which is awesome to snorkel. Rooms are great, spacious & comfy if a little expensive but extremely clean, large mosquito nets & showers are wonderfully hot. Would definitely recommend.

Jadecebu2 Motorbike Rental Cebu ...

Jadecebu2 Motorbike Rental

MotorBike Rental Moalboal
3 days Rental 1000 PHP only
Motorbike ,moterbikes for rent Cebu Welcome to Jadecebu2 Motorbike Rental Cebu! Motorbikes for hire . Escape the hustle and bustle of Cebu City. Come to us and hire one of our motorbikes even for a day. Explore the beautiful island of Cebu and neighbouring island of Mactan on a motorbike.
1ab54AA44 1ab54AA45 Wish I Had Rented A Motor Bike it would be cheaper than buying new high 
heels- ill call them now
Long Term Rental Available 30 day rate 160-php a day
Send Mail
0919-819-9338 Leyte and Samar 1ab55AA33

YAMAHA Mio Sport 115 cc
115 cc no cluch or gears full auto
Front Disk Brakes
Dayly Rent 400-php
3 days 1000-php
Helmets available
Free Map Area
Monthly Rate 160 Php a day
star star star Cabana Beach Resort Accommodation in Cebu ...
Cabana Beach Resort Accommodation in Panagsama Beach, ...

Nestled snugly on a thousand square meter enviable seafront lot of white sands and pristine waters gently lapping its coral seawall is Cabana Beach Club Resort. The resort has oriental huts with polished wooden flooring, cathedral ceilings of laced bamboo strips, Japanese inspired partition walls, an all-bamboo furniture emsemble of bed, table chairs and racks, and a spacious verandah that look-out to the sea. Cabana Beach Club Resort is a gateway to a double unforgettable adventure: at sea - great diving spots, rated among the best in the world, on land - diverse human interaction in bars, shops and lounges rimming the shoreline.

Cabana Beach Resort Cabana Beach Resort Cabana Beach Resort
Cabana Beach Resort
Aquaholics White Beach Cebu ...
Aquaholics Scuba Divers White Beach Cebu ...
We are Aquaholic Divers, located in Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines :) We offer Scuba diving courses, safaris and are the 1st in the Philippines also to host Freediving!.....Club Serena Resort is one of several Moalboal resorts on Bas Daku White Sand Beach. ... They have their own dive center, Philippine Aquaholic Divers....
Aquaholics  Divers Aquaholics  Divers Aquaholics  Divers
Aquaholics  Divers
star Nidos Garden Resort Accommodation in Panagsama Beach, ... ...
Nidos Garden Resort Accommodation in Panagsama Beach,
Good new for people on a tight budget there prices under a 1000 php you have to walk to (Quo vadis) or (Mayas Native Gardens ) a short distance for breakfast or dinner In a tourist town like Moalboal this is the cheeps I have seem of course there not on the water and have no restaurant as of 2014
Nidos Garden Resort Nidos Garden Resort Nidos Garden Resort
Nidos Garden Resort
Basdaku White Beach ...
Basdaku White Beach Cebu Basdaku White Beach
Cebu is known for its beautiful sandy beach and crystal clear water. There is plenty of accommodation Its a fantastic beachfront location and the ambiance of the place is very relaxing.Snorkling is great, walk a few meters out, stick your head down and corals and fish everywhere. Cebu Island, a popular resort area to represent the Philippines. Simple, and a little country town are located at southwestern part of Cebu Island. A lot of tourists come to the ordinary Philippine country town Moalboal every year. It is not only from the reason that it knows as a scuba diving place is very eminent in the Philippines as well. Tourists from the world, the repeaters of the long-term stay, emigrants from the world and local inhabitants unite, and Moalboal composes a unique town.
White Beach White Beach, Moalboal White beach,  Cebu
White Beach.moalboal cebu

White Beach. White Beach ist etwa 3 Kilometer von Panagsama entfernt. Sandstrand mit vorgelagerten Riff, die Fotos zeigen den Hauptstrand, rechts und links
Kawasan Water Falls ...

Kawasan Water Falls

A brief trip will brings you to the famous Kawasan Waterfalls, a three tiered cascade of crystal clear mountain springs. Enjoy the picnic to lush scenery, tropical forest, and a cool swim. A very unique experience. You'll have to cross 3 small bridges before reaching the falls, even though you might feel for passing them very fast, try to stop at the middle of number 3 and look upstream, your camera will jump for pleasure if you allow it to take a few shots and you will have a forever lasting picture of what might have been, or- is Paradise.
Kawasan Falls, Cebu Kawasan Falls Kawasan
Kawasan Water Falls Kawasan Falls in Badian Cebu Loved Kawasan waterfalls and definitely worth the 30min hike up to them, simply beautiful and make sure you go up to the 2nd level as well

Blue water, clean cold air, virgin forest, cold water, clean environment. Those were just some of the things that can be found in Kawasan Water Falls.....
Orchid Gallery Cebu ...

Orchid Gallery

Another thing that unique is its own Orchid Gallery with colorful and tropical garden surrounded by hectares of other flowers and tropical plants as well as birds and monkeys to add to the mix. Those who travel to this part of Cebu will definitely enjoy various flowers with a sense of awe and mystery. This Orchid gallery with a cool mini zoo is about 3km from the main town. Orchid Gallery its not only a Gallery, it is a several hectare big orchid farm. Beside orchids you can see a lot of tropical plants. In this tropical surrounding you find a big swimming pool with sitting areas. Small entrance fee.

Philippines 5.06 143 Philippines 5.06 040
Philippines 5.06 147 This is located in Moalboal. This is actually an orchid farm where everyone can enjoy knowing each variety of the Orchids both imported and local. They also have a swimming pool which guests can swim in and enjoy their time with their family. The admission fee to this farm is just twenty pesos and the use of the pool is just thirty-five pesos.
star star Sumisid Lodge Accommodation in Panagsama Beach Cebu ...
Sumisid Lodge Panagsama Beach Cebu
The cozy Sumisid Lodge has been operating since 1981 and was one of the first dive lodges at Panagsama Beach, Moalboal, it's located right next to SeaQuest Dive ... A nice resort with a little private beach, located just next door to a diving HQ. The rooms were ample, clean and had everything that was needed. The staff was nice and helpful no issues at all. One should watch out at low tide as the corals start just below the waterline !

This hotel caters for European divers, so the price is a little more than the average room in Moalboal. However, the view from the terrace is perfect, the only hotel to have a beach front. Breakfast was a little pricey, but tasty.

Sumisid Lodge PanagsamaSumisid Lodge PanagsamaSumisid Lodge Panagsama

Sumisid Lodge PanagsamaSumisid Lodge PanagsamaSumisid Lodge Panagsama
Sumisid Lodge Panagsama
Circle R Kennel Cebu ...
Circle R Kennel Cebu ...

We Are Doberman Pinscher Breeders Located In Cebu Philippines

4mn100AB09 3mn100AB81

Our Puppies are not kept in cages but are allowed full range of our property. We once had the miss-fortune of receiving a dog, that had been raised in a cage with a litter mate, for several months. Upon walking this dog for the first time, she was unable to walk further than 150 Meters, then had to be carried home. This is an exception, but be aware there are ?PUPPY MILLS. You do not want to risk buying a dog from such breeders. These dogs do require exercise, even if it is free range for them to burn up excess energy. But better long walks regularly, this also helps with the bonding to your new pet.

Learn More About Circle R Kennel
4mn100AB12 If you have any questions please feel free to contact us and ask. We wish you to have a strong and sound relationship with your new Doberman Pinschers Puppies. We also like to know that our Puppies find good homes.
Pescador Island Cebu ...

Top 10 Dive Sites:
Pescador Island,
As Pescador Island is a marine park, dive shops are required to pay a fee for each diver they bring to the island. Proceeds from entrance fees are managed by the Municipality of Moalboal and Moalboal Dive Center Association (MDCA) towards the finance of a number of conservation programs in the municipality. These programs include patrols and enforcement to abolish destructive fishing, village improvement programs, collection and disposal of plastic and other wastes entering the local waters, marine conservation education of village children and adults, and reef and mangrove rehabilitation.

pescador island 035_adj_DSC0826 Cathedral Cave at Pescador 
Island Pescador Island, Sardine Run
Pescador Island, March 29, 2009

Even though Pescador Island is often referred to as one single dive site; it can be dived a few times before the whole area is explored. It a small island very close on the West coast of Cebu. The wall starts very shallow and drops fairly steeply to about 40 meters, even deeper in places. Visibility here is usually very good and a variety of beautiful corals are on show. Turtles are also common here along with Frog Fish, Nudibranch and many species of reef fish.
Asian Belgian Resort ...

Asian Belgian Resort White Beach
Book By Agoda Now Learn more about Asian Belgian Resort

1aa41AA101 wifi

When I first came to moalboal I stayed at this resort and love it landing at the shores of this paradise, I picked the recommended Resort (Asian Belgian Resort) from the Lonely Planet guidebook as my home for a few days. What a brillant move. I had found the perfect rustic beach bungalows.
1aa21aa021 1aa21aa019 1aa21aa018
Asian Belgian Resort- It has been our pleasure taking scuba divers and snorkelers from all over the world to some of Moalboal Cebu and our planets most unique and amazing dive and snorkel sites since 1997. Our mission is to offer diving & snorkelling as well as other related services of the highest standards while being a socially & environmentally aware company. To offer you a safe, fun, educational and responsible dive/snorkel experience that stands out in your memory is what our people strive & succeed to create every single day.
view of sunset from Restaurant / Bar Restaurant / Bar Restaurant
view of sunset from Restaurant / Bar view of sunset from Restaurant / Bar view of sunset from Restaurant / Bar
Asian Belgian Resort

Learn More about Asian Belgian Resort-
Planet Action Adventure Day Tours Philippines ...

Planet Action Adventure Day Tours Philippines

Active travellers should visit Jochen and Jinky at Planet Action. They offer some of the most exhilarating adventure tours in the Visayas. Trips cater for beginners through to advanced actioneers and include all equipment and meals.
Photos of Planet Action Adventure Day Tours, 
This photo of
Photos of Planet Action Adventure Day Tours, 
Moalboal On Cebu there is a range of one-day excursions offering everything from canyoning to caving to mountain biking (hire a bike or bring your own). The mountain biking packages are divided into easy, hardcore and DIY, which pretty much encapsulates Planet Actions adventure-for-everyone philosophy.
Photos of Planet Action Adventure Day Tours, 
The most challenging of Planet Actions packages is the 2-day hike up Mt Kanlaon volcano on Negros (all-inclusive P8995 per person). Wildlife enthusiasts may be tempted by the less strenuous rainforest trek around the twin lakes area, also on Negros (P6495). For Jinky, the best part of this trip is listening to the sounds of the forest at night. Dont forget your camera for any of these trips.
New Gaisano Grand Mall
New Gaisano Grand Mall 27 Aug 2014 has opened on time yet the McDonalds has not till the end of sept...The growth in the tourism industry in Cebu prompted us to expand the business. Tourism is one of the industries that fuel growth in the retail business,? Gaisano said.

One of good things the new mall will do for moalboal is make prices cheaper , local business can no longer over price their goods a big plus for moalboal
New Gaisano Grand Mall New Gaisano moalboal
New Gaisano Grand Mall Moalboal
New Gaisano Grand Mall
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